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Anti-aging Treatments

Non Surgical and Medical Treatments

The distinct signs of ageing can be significantly reduced with a combination treatment of a small amount of a Anti-wrinkle medication (botulinum toxin injection) to the muscles and a Dermal filler ( hyloronic acid) to restore volume and shape facial contours , then a series of  IPL resurfacing treatments to refresh the skins appearance and texture.

There is nothing we can do to stop the ageing process but fortunately we can do something about the way or faces deal with it. It is all about ageing gracefully not all at once.  Ageing gracefully does not mean that you do nothing for your skin – it means spending a little time and maintenance looking after it – as it is the largest organ of the body and the one most harshly treated.

The natural ageing process, sun exposure and lifestyle choices ie: smoking all affect the appearance of our skin. face1As we age our skin begins to lose elasticity and we suffer with a degree of bone reabsorption and therefore the structure of our face and the loss of volume,  cause sagging, formation of facial lines and wrinkles.

Our facial muscles allow us to express a range of emotions and overtime, the repeated use of these muscles, cause lines and wrinkles. The quality of our skin also changes as we age  – collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid all begin to disintegrate causing our skin to become dehydrated, less elastic, dull and lifeless.

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There are now many products at our fingertips that we can turn to in regards to helping our skin look radiant, refreshed and in good condition. Products from companies such as Allergan & Gallderma are often used in conjunction with a muscle relaxant to great effect.

Used together their unique properties complement each other, delivering lasting results in just a half an hour treatment. They have been internationally approved for medical use for over 20 years and are approved in Australia through qualified practitioners.lips1

Other products that are now proving to be very exciting in replenishing our building blocks of the skin – and helping to build our collagen stores is a product called Ellanse. This is a French product and approved in Australia and has already had amazing results in Europe already over the last 10 years. It works by adding initial volume and then stimulating the growth of collagen cells that  last up to 2, 3, 4, 5  years to restore the effects of deep volume loss within the face.

Other treatments we can offer relate to PRP or platelet rich plasma – where ones blood is taken – spun – white cells remove – reinjected into areas of the face for volume, skin texture and restoration. This is a great way to still have a revitalising treatment whilst using your own body healing properties.

  • Facial wrinkle injections
  • Migraine treatments
  • Teeth Grinding
  • Excessive Sweating Underarms
  • Nifititi Lift
  • HA’s fillers face, hands, décolletage
  • Lip enhancement & Lip rejuvenation
  • Skin boosters & hydration
  • Ellansé volume stimulator

Collagen thread lifts

Silhouette Soft Threads – this is a minimally invasive way to lift the skin on the face and to achieve a younger and more contoured appearance to help counter the inevitable effects of gravity.

The procedure involves putting dissolvable threads just below the dermis (skin layer) they create lift, structure, collagen growth, and elastin at the site. The main difference from other anti aging treatments is that this actually lifts and bolstering the tissue that cannot be done with HA’S and anti-wrinkle treatments alone. It is the perfect treatment for those patients that are suffering from the effects of sagging skin and is commonly used for the mid-face drooping deep cheek wrinkles, deep nasolabial folds, jowls and  neck laxity. Many procedures have been completed over the past 5-10 years in Europe and now Australia has finally been able to catch up with the products being approved by the TGA in Australia. The results show an exceptional face lifting and rejuvenation in about 95% of ideal patients treated.


  • Facial rejuvenation
  • Hands / décolletage