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Lip injections Q&A

Which products are the best ? A: Like an artist with paint, every practitioner has a favorite product ( H/A )  hyaluronic acid they like to use. ie: Restylane Kysse. Most health professionals agree, that it is the easiest & most natural temporary filler and are happy to stay clear of any permanent fillers, that […] View more

Beware of Toxins

6 INGREDIENTS TO AVOID IN YOUR COSMETICS PETROLEUM : based ingredients – very common in some of your favourite brands CHEMICAL SUNSCREENS : deliver toxins straight into your dermal layer SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES: mask the toxins with a fake smell that are usually alcohol based TALC POWDER: is one of the main fillers they use to […] View more

Lemongrass Love

Lemongrass LOVE – hydrating spray  feel the love – hydrates all skin types leaving skin looking smooth and refreshed  Certified Natural / Organic it sets your mineral makeup to make it last all day Smells divine & only available for a short time $49 View more

Dishing The DIRT On Cleansing Part 1

The market has been flooded recently with a massive influx of different types of facial cleansers. It is important to remember that not all cleansers are created equal so let’s cut through the dirt to have a look at what you really need for a cleanser to perform.    A good facial cleanser must be […] View more

Jane Iredale Make-Up

Such an amazing range…. colour for every skin type … little secret – you can double up for thick night coverage or you can wet your sponge and lighten the coverage for a flawless daytime glow .. plus its good for your skin View more