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Beware of Toxins

Beware of Toxins


  • PETROLEUM : based ingredients – very common in some of your favourite brands
  • CHEMICAL SUNSCREENS : deliver toxins straight into your dermal layer
  • SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES: mask the toxins with a fake smell that are usually alcohol based
  • TALC POWDER: is one of the main fillers they use to bulk out a product and is a carcinogenic powder
  • PARABEN: basic toxin that sit within the skin and cats cellular damage
  • PHTHALATES: is a plastic that is added to increase their transparency, durability &       longevity

We love Jane Iredale makeup because is provides a product line that has only the highest quality ingredients, which they guarantee will never contain any of these paragons. All of their mineral products contain no less than 9 different minerals.

An interesting fact: is that any makeup can call itself a mineral makeup as long as it has at least .00001 % mineral trace in it. Remember – what your are putting on your face today, will have great effects on how your skin will look and feel in years to come. Always check you makeup has expiry dates to.

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